Recap 2012 !

I can hardly believe it’s almost 2013. What a busy year it has been once again, crazy !
The first leg of the tour has gone very well. On the road, I have had to spend a lot of time finalizing projects related to production and composition, working wherever I can, in planes, vans, hotel rooms… and you know what, I love it !
Just to give you an exemple of what 2012 was like :
Performance at C2 Montreal opening for Moby, having done a show the night before in New York and attending a high school reunion the following day, to then take off for Europe the day after that. I arrived from Europe on June 7th. My pregnant wife Audrey finds out on June 8th that an induced delivery is necessary, 3 weeks earlier that the supposed due date. We check into the hospital on the night of the 8th. Our beautiful little boy Charli is born the following morning. The day after was the biggest show of the tour at Montreal’s Francofolies. I leave the hospital, arriving just in time for our performance, and then return after to be with my family.It’s a funny feeling going from a big noisy stage to our quiet little hospital room. The same thing had happened 3 years prior, when my girlfriend gave birth to our daughter Louna, the day before a Beast show. I wonder if the same scenario will be reproduced if ever we decide to add a third member to our family !
Recap of the MA tour with Arianne Moffat:
3 trips to the states for shows, including a performance at South by South West in Texas and one at CMJ in New York. South by South West is definity my favorite festival.
3 trips to France to record Taratata and give a series of concerts in Europe (Belgium,France,Switzerland).
Many shows In Quebec, including a two of surrealistic performances in churches.
Apparently we did 52 shows and over 15 radio and television appearances. Thanks for the count Pat !
A big thanks as well to to incredible team we are working with for this tour.
For the new year, Germany, Canada, England, Australia, the USA and France.
To be continued !..



NEWS: 2012

(english version below)

Premièrement, je suis heureux de me joindre à Ariane Moffatt pour la tournée de son prochain album AM/MA qui sortira à la fin février. Beaucoup de plaisir à prévoir car s’ajoute aussi au band Serge Pelletier de Pawa Up First avec qui j’ai partagé la scène dans Beast; Lisa Iwanycki, claviériste (et incroyable joueuse de cloche à vache, pour ceux qui ont déjà vu Creature live) et finalement, Pat Sayers qui joue avec Melissa Auf Der Maur et que j’ai connu lors d’une tournée canadienne avec son band Winter Gloves. Quelle équipe, n’est-ce pas ?

Cet album sera à moitié anglais et en français ce qui représente un beau défi pour Ariane qui testera le marché anglophone. Nous serons à South by South West au Texas en mars pour ce méga festival qui est définitivement l’un de mes préférés. Les autres dates de spectacles sont à venir donc tenez-vous au courant, car j’ai très hâte de faire gronder la keybass dans vos oreilles.

Sur une note plus underground, je participe à l’élaboration d’un nouveau projet original.

C’est encore tôt pour donner des détails mais ça va déplacer de l’air, CROYEZ-MOI !

Bonne année

First of all, I am happy to be joining Ariane Moffat on her next tour to promote her new album AM/MA, which will be released at the end of February. Much pleasure to anticipate since joining us will be Serge Pelletier of Pawa up First, with whom I shared the stage with Beast; Lisa Iwanicky, keyboard player (and incredible cow bell player, for those of you who have seen creature live) and finally, Pat Sayers, who plays with Melissa Aud Der Maur and who I met on a Canadian tour with his band Winter Gloves. What a Team!

This album will be half English, half french, which presents a great challenge for Ariane who will be testing the English market. We will be at South by South West in March for this huge festival which is by far one of my favorites.

The other show dates are yet to be posted so stay up to date as I am really looking forward to having my Keybass rumble in your ears !

On a more underground note, I will be participating in the creation of a new original project.

It is still to early to provide details but its gonna be heavy, BELIEVE ME!

Happy new year